Why I love Traill International School


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Before I came to TIS, I studied in a Thai school and I couldn’t speak English at all! After studying here for a while, I now could speak English a lot better than before. Most teachers here are friendly as well as the students. So there is no prejudice and bullying in the school. Also, tuition fees are quite low compared to other school and the standard of education is high. This school gives the opportunity for students to learn English and have more choice in university.

Now, the school is making some developments (new building and swimming pool) to make the school bigger and better and I am looking forward to it.

Pim - Year 11B


I think being a student in TIS is lucky because my friends are very good and friendly. In TIS most of the teachers are very kind and enjoyable to study with. In TIS, there is no bullying or any fighting. The most lovely thing in TIS is the kids, they are very cute, and I love them. Now TIS is building a new school and swimming and diving pool, the future will be good for all the students.

Pop – Year 10 A


There are several reasons why I chose Traill as my new school. First, I liked the fact that there are only 200 students in Traill. For my old school was big and had a lot of students. I wanted a small school where everyone can be friends. On my first day at school, I was happy because everyone was nice and didn’t make me feel excluded. Next, I heard that students here are very enthusiastic about learning and the school has a great educational environment. This is why my parents wanted me to come to Traill.

Although I haven’t got used to this new school yet, I think I will enjoy coming to Traill.

Haytie – Year 10B


Traill International School is a small yet friendly community where everyone knows each other and are extremely good-natured and open. I think studying in such a close community helps us develop our own unique character and enable us to be who we really are. The teachers are usually helpful, approachable and knowledgeable, and give every student special attention. Compared to other schools, Traill has a much more relaxed environment which, in my opinion, helps with our education and enables us to improve ourselves to become better as people.

Poob – Year 11B


It’s my opinion and my thinking maybe the truth, Traill International School is the best school I’ve been to. I had three schools before I went to TIS all in South Korea. They taught me boring and seriously so I thoughtstudying is really boring and when I don’t understand what they taught me and I ask them, they said, “why didn’t you listen?” I listened but I couldn’t understand what they were saying! But at TIS learning is fun and it makes me happy studying here. The teachers are much kinder than in Korea. When I don’t understand they repeat the method or explain the thing again. I really love this school and I would be so sad to leave. I really want to see the swimming pool and the new building before I go. I wish they hurry up.

Lia – Year 7


My second family

Traill is my second family. It is really nice to be in Traill. The teachers are kind, if you don’t understand something you could ask them. They wouldn’t scold you. The teachers in Traill do so much for the children. They bring things in which are theirs not the school for the children to learn. The canteen the school find new canteen for the children to try more tasty food. In the canteen now there are interesting drinks and food waiting for everyone to try. The teachers want everyone participating in their classes which gives the chance for children who can’t do it fast but understand it. The place is really good every room has a air-con. There are colourful pictures on the wall which are all interesting.

The students are kind, they would not exclude anyone out of any games. They would share snacks and talk together.

Por – Year 7


It’s good to be in Traill because I get to learn with different teachers. The teachers teach us very carefully and if we don’t understand they tell us. And all the people in Traill are kind such as teachers, students, maids etc. Even when we learn we have fun. And now I am looking forward to seeing the new building that is still under construction and the swimming pool. I think Traill International School will look very good in the future.

Yakoob 7B


I really like Traill because there’s really nice people here. The teachers are really, really friendly. If you have a question they will always tell you the answer. The lessons are good fun and exciting. I like the canteen this year, the way they are selling really interesting and yummy drinks

Jocelyn 7B



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