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Welcome to Traill International School, and the wider community we serve. We warmly welcome students and teachers from both the international and local communities.

Traill International School, established in 1966, provides a first class British international education for students from the ages of 3 to 18 years old. The recent completion of a new campus and enhanced facilities provides further opportunities for our children.

The diversity of the students and staff at Traill International School makes it a memorable and exciting experience for all who attend or work with us. Our community represents over 30 nationalities all working towards a common goal - our commitment to inspire and motivate all who attend to do their best. We aim to support and encourage students with talents and abilities in all fields and equip them for a successful future in an increasingly global and technological society.

We recognise that each student is at a different starting point and provide a curriculum that meets the varying needs of the students. We take into account the ability of the child, and the nature of their previous experiences. Diversity and differentiation are key to our teaching.

Every effort is made to ensure the education received will suit the needs of the individual, and to equip them for continuing studies, be it a return to the education system in their country of origin, or on to one of the world’s leading universities – something that the school has done for 50 years.

The school’s buildings and facilities are state-of-the-art, reflecting the forward-thinking of the school in terms of its teaching and learning and overall development. The school is at an exciting phase and teachers have the opportunity to make a difference with input as stakeholders in the all-round strategic planning of the school.

Our staff at Traill are the school’s most valuable asset. They are committed and support each other; working together in a positive and cohesive manner. There is an excellent record of academic and sporting achievement, with the school regularly doing very well compared to much bigger international schools.

Students are motivated and outstanding in behaviour and enjoyment in learning. The wide diversity of nationalities, cultures and beliefs enriches the school experience. There is an excellent quality of relationships between staff and students and within the student body; where students support each other and respect each other’s ideas and views.

We are looking for teachers who have high expectations in terms of learning, engagement, behaviour and achievement - teachers who are committed and take an interest in their students, by offering extra curriculum activities, take time to watch their students in school productions and communicate with parents.



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