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6. ORIENTATION: You will be asked to arrive on a selection of certain set days to coincide with other teachers. On arrival in Bangkok you will be met at the airport, and you (and your luggage) transported to Bangkok city. (If you wish to arrive much earlier that the allotted dates, please inform the school, but you will need to organize your own transportation from the airport and hotel accommodation).

We shall arrange for a hotel for you for up to 3 nights during this time. We will assist you in finding accommodation. Contact Lillian Traill Bowley at ltr@traillschool.ac.th with your requirements beforehand so she can arrange some viewings during your first 3 days in Thailand.

The first few days before school opens will be for you to complete a Thai Language and Culture Course as requested by Thai Law. This is 20 hours of study usually over 3 days.

We will also during this time arrange to take you to open a Thai bank account.

7.1 Dress and Behaviour
a. A certain modesty of dress and mode of behaviour is expected of all expatriates living in Thailand. Some tourist behaviours are tolerated in ways that a foreigner residing here would not be. There is a morality clause written into your contract, which the school will enforce. .

Thai people are very friendly and enjoy meeting people from other countries. Expatriates quckly feel very welcome and included in the Thai culture. Thais are polite, resevered, and accommodating. Boisterous loud behavior, confrontation or displays of anger would not be welcome. .

Festive days are fund and enjoyable, with Thais welcoming expatriates to be part of the fun. .

7.2 Food and Dining
An excellent variety of cuisines from U.K. over the world can be found in the main restaurants throughout Thailand. All reasonably priced. .

7.3 Hotels
A quick search will reveal beautiful hotels with coupled with legendary Thai service. Reasonable prices and beaches within 1.5 hours of school allow for excellent weekend breaks in the sun. .

7.4 Hospitals
Thailand boasts some of best hospitals in the world. .

7.5 Entertainment

There is a wide variety of entertainment in Thailand. The School (and parents) expects teachers to be responsible in their entertainment choice as befits a teacher. .

b. Dress code for staff at school asks staff to appreciate that they are to dress formally as teachers during all teaching sessions. .

For men, a long sleeved or short sleeved business shirt, tie, trousers (not jeans), socks and shoes (not sandals). .

For women a dress or skirt and blouse, or trousers may be worn (again jeans are not acceptable). Shoulders should be covered. It is not necessary to wear stocking, tights or socks. Sandals or soft shoes are best. No filp flops/thongs. .

Hairstyles should be conservative in colour and cut, and men in particular should avoid extremes of length. .

Skytrain and Underground: recently opened in Bangkok. Limited coverage of the city, but easy to negotiate. TRANSPORT AND DRIVING

8.1 Driving Licences
Before leaving your home country, ensure your driving licence is valid.

You will need a valid Thai drivers licence to drive in Thailand. Although European licences are valid they are for a limited period only.

Petrol is cheaper than the UK, approximately half the price or less depending on exchange rates etc.

9.1 Salaries and Allowance
Salaries and allowance which are paid in Thai Baht, will be paid monthly in arrears, on the last day of the month. These are paid directly into your Thai bank account.

The cost of living in Thailand and your money goes a lot further than in the U.K. As an indicator meals can cost from 70 pence (good local food) to £6 (5 star hotel). Taxis cost on average £1.50 (short journeys are 80 pence).

It is better to bring sterling with you and change it to baht when you get here – the exchange rate here is vastly superior to that which you will get in Britain.

9.2 Banking and Transfer of Funds
It is not necessary to open a bank account before coming to Thailand. We will arrange for this during orientation. The bank we use in Bangkok is the Bangkok Bank Plc. Ltd. Salaries will be paid directly into your account in this bank.

ATM machines are available all over Thailand, and the Bangkok Bank ATM cards will allow you to withdraw cash 24 hours a day. The cards work worldwide, including UK, Australia, NZ and Spain, drawing directly on your Thai account.

Credit cards can be used widely in Thailand. Please note that UK credit card companies are reluctant to allow retention of your card supported from a Thai address. If you wish to retain your UK card, you will need to retain a UK address to have statements sent there.

9.3 Taxation
The Thai Revenue Department administers the tax laws of Thailand. These laws occasionally change, so the information provided might not always be absolutely correct but in general, the following rules currently apply to Thai income taxation.

All Traill International School employees are subject to Thai income tax on their salaries and benefits from Traill International School. Taxes are deducted from salary payment each month and are reported on your payroll slip. Income tax for Thailand is calculated on a sliding scale (0%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 30%) working out at approximately 15% of gross salary for most staff. This will be deducted from your pay prior to the bank deposit. Extra tax breaks are given for having children and for paying into a current life assurance policy (UK based or otherwise) – bring evidence with you. (Many websites have Thai Tax information on them).

Employees are required to file tax returns in Thailand each year.

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