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1.1 Accompanied Baggage: Airlines give a baggage allowance of up to 20 kilos for each adult on the plane. If you have excess baggage and are charged for this, you yourself will have to pay, and it is expensive. Sometimes airlines are helpful in giving you an extra few kilos if you ring and ask, explaining that you are emigrating.

Sending by sea is quite reasonable but will take from 4 to 8 weeks. It is not advisable to ship electronic items as import tax may be imposed on them (electronic goods cost less in Thailand than in Europe).

Clothing is very cheap to purchase in Thailand and the designs are comparable with the latest fashions in Europe and America.


2.1 Baggage and personal possessions insurance: From experience of teachers already in Thailand, Traill International School recommends that teachers take out insurance to cover their shipping, baggage and possessions in transit.

2.2 Transit Insurance: You will be covered under the school medical insurance scheme from the start of your contract. Unit this point you may wish to consider medical insurance to cover any unexpected emergencies from the time you leave until this date.

2.3 Medical Insurance: From the date your contract starts you will come under the school medical insurance. This coverage is basic but will cover most of the costs of routine illnesses. Medical care in Thailand is excellent with some hospitals above and beyond the average European hospital.


  1. Reimbursement of hospitalisation expense incurred outside Thailand, must be paid up-front, and reclaimed later.
  2. This medical insurance does cover limited outpatient treatment.
  3. Reimbursement depend upon character of illness (differing %)
  4. To arrange for payment of medical expense in the event of serious accident, please contact the insurance company directly.
  5. For outpatient treatment, local hospitals and clinics provide this. Most doctors speak English.

2.4 Professional Liability Insurance: Teachers are sometimes concerned to know if they are covered for property damage or personal injury to third parties whilst they are working in their capacity as teachers e.g. a parent may suggest a child has suffered injury whilst in the care of the teacher. The school covers each teacher against such claims.


3.1 Passports: All travelers wishing to enter Thailand must be in possession of a full, valid passport, which has a MINIMUM of six months to expiry at the time of entry. Once in Thailand, passports can be renewed at the British Embassy (or other embassies appropriate).

3.2 Visas: Make sure you apply for a single entry Non-Immigrant B Visa. Do not apply for it too early for it must be utilised within 3 months. The first visa will be valid for three months from the date of arrival. The extensions of stay beyond that period of time will be applied for, once you are here. If you are applying for a Non-Immigrant Visa to Thailand at the Thai Embassy or Thai consulate in the country in which you hold a passport, a Non-Immigrant Visa can be granted to you immediately without any prior approval from Bangkok.

We suggest you use the consulates – they are quicker and more efficient (i.e. Cardiff which is excellent). Consulates tend to be much quieter than the London Embassy.

Call or write to the Thai Embassy or Consulate to confirm what documents are required. Then apply by sending the documents and passport(s) by registered mail to the consulate or embassy along with the required fees. The school will send you a ‘letter of guarantee’ which supports the issue of visas. If you have not received this letter, call, fax or email to have one sent. (Use fax if time is important and keep receipts. Post takes approximately 8 days). You will not get a visa unless you have a letter of guarantee from the school. You will need birth and marriage certificates and 2 passport-sized photos for each member of the family. The Embassy takes cash, not cheques when calling in person. Postal orders only are acceptable if applying by post. Please keep your receipt for reimbursement.

It is very important that you obtain a SINGLE ENTRY NON-IMMIGRANT “B Type” VISA, extendible or non-extendible type, valid for 3 months. If you have any other visa you may be required to take a trip outside Thailand at your own expenses to re-apply.

Any accompanying spouse who are not working or children will require a “Non-Immigrant O” Visa.

3.3 Work Permit: If you haven’t already done so, please send the following as soon as possible. The school must have them in order to apply for your teaching license. Your license may take up to several months to process.

  1. Photocopies of every page of your passport (yes, every page) and those of all accompanying dependents. Please sign every page on the bottom right.
  2. The ‘Personal Data’ form (s) sent to you to be completed by each employee
  3. The Original of your Degree, Diploma, Teaching Certificate(s). (Bring these with you, don’t send).
  4. One copy of your:-
    1. Marriage License (if applicable)
    2. Birth Certificate(s) of dependent child (ren) (if applicable)
  5. Twelve passports sized photos. Wear formal clothing (i.e. jackets for male and female).

Please do not assume that Traill International School already has these documents. We have to present the original of the Degree and Teaching Certificates to the Ministry. You will need to bring originals with you .

On arrival we will make immediate application for your work permit, assuming we have received your teaching license. We cannot apply for work permit until we have your passport to hand here – meaning you must have arrived. .

The school has a permanent member of staff who will work with you, once you arrive, to organize your Work Permit process. .

3.4 Dependent Children: Parents are advised to ensure each dependent child has their own passport. They will also require “Non-Immigrant O” Visas. .

4. THE FLIGHT OUT: We will purchase and arrange the tickets for people traveling from their home base. .
You will receive the ticket before you travel, but we will inform you of flight details prior to this time. If you intend to arrive in Thailand sometime before school starts please advise us by email of the date that you wish to arrive here by so that we can try to book a suitable flight. .

5. VACCINATIONS: You should consult you doctor and have the recommended vaccinations before you arrive. They often take place over a period of 8 weeks. You can of course have them here in Bangkok for a reasonable cost.

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