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This handbook is intended for all teachers joining Traill International School, Thailand, from overseas. It has been designed to give, as far as possible, a fair and realistic introduction to Thailand and what it will be like to live and work here.

It is our hope that our suggestions will make this guide helpful as you prepare to move to Thailand. If you find anything confusing, contact us, and please make a note of it so that when we revise this handbook, we can amend it accordingly.

(Enjoy the packing and planning. We’ve all been through it before and understand how overwhelming it can seem. ‘One step at a time’ and you’ll be fine).

Your new address is:

Traill International School
43 Soi 16 Ramkhamhaeng Road
Bangkok 10240

Tel: Intnl + 66 2718 8779
Fax: Intnl + 66 2718 8546
Email: admissions@traillschool.ac.th
Website: www.traillschool.ac.th

School email address system: you will be given an email based on 3 initials of your name as follows: +++@traillschool.ac.th

xxx means three initials – the first initial of your first name, and the first two of your family name e.g. the email address for Kerry Harris is kha@traillschool.ac.th

Your initials, as per this system, will also be used as your pseudo name for other areas such as planning documents.

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