Sports Day 2009 at Huamark Stadium 27 Nov 09
Congratulations to Pegasus House (green team) for winning the Sports Day Cup for 2009. Pegasus collected the most points from the efforts of their athletes in track and field events with great support from their teachers who also took part in the 4*100m relay race at the end of the day.

It was obvious throughout the day that there were many gifted athletes at Traill, from the little children in Primary through the senior students in Secondary.

There was a tremendous team spirit no matter the age group, with students supporting their own house in every event. Points were collated in the various sprints, middle and long distance events, long-jump, high jump, discuss and sprint relays. Even the teachers joined in for the 4*100m sprint relay race.

Thank you to the PE department and the support staff for putting together such a well-organised day.

Photo Gallery - Sport Day 2009


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