Primary Adventure Camp 2015!
The adventure began for our oldest students (Year 5 and 6) on Wednesday 25th March, as they headed to camp in Saraburi. For the Year 5 children, this would be their first time on camp and away from their parents for 2 nights! For the Year 6 this would be their second time, so we all knew that they would be able to support the teachers in taking care of the Year 5s.

At camp the children were separated into two main camps, one for the girls and one for the boys. They also found they had extra visitors throughout their two days in the form of bugs! – From centipedes to slugs!

On their first day the children found out the history of the Scouts here in Thailand and many of the rituals the scouts have to perform. The children completed their scout promise and began their skills’ learning.

This started off with ‘tying the knot’. The children had to learn four different methods of tying knots and then completed a competition to find out which groups’ knots were the strongest!

Later that day the children lit campfires and cooked their own dinner; including sausage, egg, soup and noodles.

That night the camp games began, and not even a huge thunderstorm could stop the children enjoying them. Once the games finished the children had a muddy run to their bedrooms.

The next day started extremely early – 5.30am! With stretches and exercises before shower and breakfast. The day’s events included a 4km walk and nature study, and then the obstacle course!

The course was something the children had been waiting for! There were many different obstacles to experiences, from crawling under rope nets, climbing across rope bridges and swinging over muddy puddles! And yes, as you can imagine, the children got extremely muddy and very wet – but every child left the course with massive grins and a realization they could achieve anything they put their mind to!


The final night the children took part in the campfire performance. Each group had to create a show to perform to the rest of the group, interspersed with fun games and dances. By the end of the night the children, and their teachers, were exhausted and longed for their beds!

Another early start and then the final adventure began; a trip to Mor Por Farm. Here the children experienced horse riding; collecting chicken eggs and feeding the animals.

The bus ride home was very quiet as every member of the group slept with happy memories of the past few days!

It was overwhelming on our first day to see so many teams and especially the size of the players of the 5 Australian teams at the tournament. The team from Dubai also had some of the tallest players. However, the speed and skill of the Indonesian teams was intimidating.

A special thanks to the Scout Leaders, for organising the games and looking after us!

By Ms. Stacy Corless (KS2 Leader and Year 6 teacher) and Mr. Lawrence (Year 5 teacher)


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