Primary Fobissea Games 2013

Traill International School entered its first ever Fobissea games in May 2013, and what an experience it was. Nineteen students represented the school over three days of competition. The students had very early meets at the school, and some late returns. This did not deter our young athletes who had more than enough energy!

The team consisted of the following students:

Year 5: Dylan, Annie, Janny, Shion, Pin Pin, Natsu, Ken, Earth, Hoya, Tent and Jason

Year 6: Piano, Yuta, Isobel, May, Jinny, Coco, Anna and Holland

On Day one we travelled to the Thai air force stadium to compete in the individual events for Athletics and Swimming. Our students competed gamely against 8 other schools and were rewarded with medals consistently throughout the day.

Day two was the start of the team competitions and T-ball. Our players put in some brave performances but could only manage two respectful 4th places in the 9 team competition.

Day three was the last day of competition, this time on the football field. The Year 5 boys again were unlucky not to get a medal as they finished 4th for the second day. Yuta (year 6) played for an all-star team and came away with a Bronze medal. The glory went to our Year 6 girls who showed great character throughout the day, and in a one sided final came away with the Gold medal.

The games are known as the friendly games, and this was evident in the closing ceremony and disco that took place at the Miracle Grand Hotel. All the teams mixed and exchanged contact details as they partied the evening away. I am sure that the students will remember the whole experience for many years to come. Well until the next games anyway.

A big thank you to Mr. Joe and Mr. Lawrence for their help and assistance with the teams. Also many thanks go to all the parents who not only supported the teams but had the patience to wait for us in the evenings when we got held up in Bangkok traffic. The biggest thank you goes to the nineteen representatives who were excellent for the whole games. We had teachers from other schools saying how polite and well-mannered they had been.

At the end of the evening I asked the students “Do you want to do this next year?”

The response a resounding “YYYEEEESSSSSS!!!”

Better start saving!

Mr. Graham




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