16 Newly CERTIFIED PADI Open Water Divers

return from a Six day trip to Koh Tao, an island to the South of Thailand. Fifteen students along with Mr Graham (the 16th Open water diver) and Miss Gail visited Koh Tao from the 3th June to the 9th June to allow them to LEARN to SCUBA Dive.
Fun was had by all (Students and Staff) during the six days. A vast variety of Marine life was seen this included Stingrays, Barracuda and a wide variety of fish life. 
I know the staff enjoyed the trip as much as the students, especially as they are already asking when the next trip will be. A great comment by students to a parent was ‘I love you mum but I did not want to come back’ a feeling felt by more than one student. Roll on the next trip.

The PADI open water certification is recognised worldwide, allowing these students the opportunity to dive anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to the Traill’s New Open water Divers.

  • Sara – Year 9
  • Patricia – Year 9
  • Kaho – Year 10
  • Yuri – Year 10
  • Minako  – Year 10
  • Mikari – Year 10
  • New – Year 10
  • Boss – Year 10
  • Kris – Year 10
  • Zee – Year 10
  • Makoto – Year 10
  • Jade – Year 10
  • Pat – Year 10
  • Can – Year 10
  • Michiko – Year 10


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