Outstanding Sports Program

The Traill Sports Program is progressing and growing with more and more success each year. This has inspired the boys and girls who before may have never been part of any team, to

want to try-out, train and practice. With the homely ethos that is the character trait of Traill school, coupled with individual attention from a talented coaching staff, students have the opportunity to train and improve, regardless of their sporting ability – where perhaps in their previous school they were never given the chance.

The confidence gained through the development of personal skill; improvement in strength, fitness and agility; and finally the reward of inclusion into a team, forms a positive and permanent part of a student’s character. These are all essential life-skills , such as self-discipline, mental toughness, confidence, fitness and teamwork, to ensure a student’s success in the real world.

“Everybody is Somebody at Traill”


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