BISAC Sporting Success 2012

There were 6 Traill Dragons teams competing in the November BISAC international schools championships, consisting of the leading and biggest international schools in Thailand. This is the most teams Traill has entered into a single BISAC event. The overall success of the boys and girls was from their desire to do well as a team, and the hours of training by players and coaching staff. The success earlier in 2012 with other Traill boys and girls becoming BISAC champions 2012, caps the most successful year for Traill in BISAC. Traill Dragon teams are on their way to improving on this in 2013. The next BISAC tournament takes place at the beginning of February 2013, at venues all over Bangkok. Go Dragons!

1st u15 girls basketball
2nd u15 boys basketball
3rd u17 girls football
4th u13 boys basketball
6th u13 girls basketball
6th u11 girls basketball

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