Meditation and Moral Study Trip in March 2009
From the 6th to 8th of March 2009, 32 Traill International School students along with 5 staff members and 3 parents spent their weekend at Wat Kean Khet. Over the 3 days and 2 nights they attended a programme on “Meditation and moral study”. Students not only did meditation but they had to learn how to be patient, work as a team, wash dishes after eating, and sleep without air conditioning. This is some feedback from our students:

“Most of us may think going to a temple for meditation is boring, but it was not like this for this meditation camp. I had an extremely wonderful time there and also gained lots of important life and social education. The monks have the talent to educate us as well as entertain us, making Buddhism become interesting. ‘Doing good and avoiding doing bad purifies the mind’ is the summary of Buddha’s teaching. It is true because in order to do anything well you have to control your mind.”
  Jo - Year 10

“ For me, the trip to the temple was very strange because I don’t have any religion and I have never been to the temple before. I was thinking a trip to the temple is very boring and I was very hesitating about going but finally I decided to visit the temple. I had a chance to study Meditation how to control my mind and be calm; I also learnt how to be patient and worked as a team. It was an interesting, exciting and valuable experience for me.”
  Roger – Year 10

“The meditation trip was a very fun trip. We learned to be patient, control ourselves, do merit and learn to have responsibility and be on time. We cleaned the toilet, it came out that our school cleaned it cleaner than any other school. It made me proud to do this activity. This trip gave me a very worthwhile experience.”
  Roger – Year 10

“This meditation trip was very good fun and I learn a lot from this trip. I now know how to control myself. This trip trained us to be calm and patient. We worked together as a team; helped each other to clean the toilet. From this trip, I got many experiences and wish to go again.”

  Minnie - Year 8B

“After I arrived at the temple, doing my meditation and listening to the Buddhist teachings from the monks, I knew I had made my right decision for coming to this temple. Although it was so hard for me to sleep without an air-conditioner, although I fell asleep during the meditation and although the monks were all tired of my countless yawning, I did enjoy every minute at the temple. I learnt more than I had expected. I learnt to spend my life with simplicity and to know the importance of what I have in front of me before I have them no more. This is the most marvellous trip ever. I would like to say thank you to Kru Tam who arranged it this beneficial trip. Thank you!!”

  Pop – Year 10

“A trip to the temple has given us plenty of wonderful memories to be treasured. We learnt how to be calm, and we had so much fun experiencing a variety of things-by praying during both mornings and afternoons, we had gained the ability to be focused on one particular thing, and by cleaning rooms and toilets in the temple, we learned how to be tough. The trip was brilliant and most of us would be glad to visit the temple again.”

  Khim – Year 10B


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