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Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a broad and balanced curriculum which includes the following subjects: English, Thai, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Information and Communication Technology, Art and Design, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. 

Traill International School operates a non-selective entry policy: we cater for students with a range of abilities. We provide support for children for whom English is a Second Language together with a range of differentiated teaching materials that ensure we meet individual needs and interests. 

English as a Second Language is taught as part of the English Language Programme. This support is provided by extracting students from certain lessons for intensive tuition or by specialist staff going into mainstream classes to work with those students requiring extra help. Support is also available for students during lunch time. 

All other subjects are taught in mixed ability groups. 

At the end of Year 9 students sit the End of Key Stage 3 tests in Mathematics, Science and English. The tests are marked in UK and will result in the award of a level that can be compared with the performance of all Year 9 students in the UK. 

Performance in the End of Key Stage 3 test combined with a continual assessment grade are used to produce an end of Year 9 grade. This grade is used to determine which are the most appropriate courses of study for IGCSE students entering Year 10. 


Students are placed in a group which is overseen by a tutor. Students meet their tutors every day at morning registration and also for PSHE lessons, Tutors are the first point of contact for students experiencing difficulties. They also monitor use of the Student Handbook which is used for recording homework and provides a means for staff and parents to communicate with one another.


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