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A dedicated team of professional staff make learning fun for children of any age. Traill students look forward to going to school, and can relax in the knowledge that the education they receive is of exacting standards. Traill is a unique international school that delivers a quality education.

Kindergarten: Opening doors of opportunity
Experience school for the first time in a safe, stimulating and colourful environment with classrooms and playground staffed by professionals, equipped to enable learning through play.

Join us with confidence if you have a child ready for that first, vitally important stage in their education.

Reception: A quality education
Reception under the British system, as the gateway to school life, is treated most seriously at Traill. Students are prepared for the important journey of a school education, and learn early reading, writing and counting skills.

Early Years Learning: It’s never too early to begin!

Age-appropriate learning in Traill’s Kindergarten and Reception classes:

Physical play - motor skills are developed through the use of climbing frames, slides, swings, push-along toys, etc.
Constructive play – with building toys, matching games and sequencing activities
Creative play – art & craft, design & technology, sensory and manipulative play, using paints, crayons, chalk, collage and sticking
Imaginative play – role play, mimicry and facilities for your child to create their own fantasy world
Musical play – singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, movement with music, and listening to and enjoying music from around the world
Language development – stories, rhymes, letter recognition, conversation, listening, phonics and whole word recognition, etc.
Social development – sharing, turn-taking, discipline, social graces, washing hands and brushing teeth
Mathematics – shapes, space awareness, counting, weighing, comparing and sequencing


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